The stunning African leopard featured in the video below is called Voodoo. In the clip, we get to see the majestic creature laying down in his cage, before a hand glides in to stroke his head.

Now this might seem like a dumb move to some, but not to this handler! The senior keeper, Steve Klein, has managed to form the strongest of bonds with Voodoo.

The video shows Klein giving the bug cat a nice morning massage and by the looks it, Voodoo is really enjoying it.

Voodoo is a rescue animal, an African spotted leopard that came to Cedar Cove when he was only five months old.

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Voodoo was purchased when he was three months old by a couple from a breeder with the intention of making him a house pet and playmate to two full grown Rottweiler dogs.

Sadly, he was declawed on all paws. However, even in that state, he still managed to overpower his purchasers and was deemed too aggressive to keep. Then he was brought to William Pottorff at Cedar Cove.

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