Any cat lover would know that you’re never supposed to trap a cat into a tight corner. When trapped with no way of escape, even a timid cat can quickly turn dangerous. But does it really take a corner to make a cat go “nuclear?” We found a video!

You see, cats have always held the opinion that they’re the overlords. Those little lords won’t let anything or anyone try to belittle them. They always want to project an image of authority. A cat won’t condone any disobedience from any of their subjects, and that’s why this video is now breaking the internet!

Here, you see a cat and a wild bear. The cat is very small compared to the huge wild animal, but that doesn’t matter as far as this cat’s business is concerned. This little one just won’t let the size of a bear blind him into fear. He will hold his ground and push back!

Now watch and wait for that moment when the bear walks towards the cat. If you thought this feline was about to run away, think again.

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