When a dog first became stuck between the bars of a metal gate, neighbors refused to go near her. They had feared that they would be bitten by the animal, who appeared to be wild. Fortunately, the rescue team from Animal Aid was called to help.

In the video, we see the street dog trapped in the gate. Her head and front legs are through one side, with her hips on the other. No matter how much the dog struggles, she can’t escape from the bars. This is when Animal Aid rescuers arrive. Although she seems frantic and could possibly bite, a man is able to gently pet her head – and she allows them to push her through the gate.

Once the dog is freed, rescuers takes her back to their facility to nurse her back to good health. In addition to providing love and care, they also treat her for mange. Overall, the dog looks happy in her temporary home. What a blessing it is that there are people like those at Animal Aid in this world!

Watch the heartwarming rescue in the video below:

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