Dogs are very energetic and fun-loving creatures. Their feline friends on the other hand, are a completely different case. Cats just might be one of the laziest animals the world has ever seen. They are very relaxed most of the times. And they only do what they want to do! They just don’t care about the rest. If you have owned a cat before, you know exactly what I am talking about!

One day they become super close and affectionate with you, and the next day they cut you off and hardly even notice your presence. The video below features a very adorable cat that is going to crack you up. This precious kitty is the quintessential example of a lazy cat. Wait till you see him for yourself!

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His owner wanted to take him out on a walk, but Monkey the cat is not really in the mood. What he does to avoid that walk has left many people on the internet in hysterics. His owner ties a leash around him, but he soon realizes that it is not going to work. Monkey just doesn’t comply!

Watch the video below. Has something like this happened to you as well?


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