When you think of bulls, you think that they are aggressive and ready to charge at any time. On the contrary, they are very peaceful creatures. They do not attack unless provoked. The image of aggressive bulls that have been instilled in our minds are those that have been irritated and riled up for bullfights or other such events.

Just like any other farm animal, they need an open space to roam around and graze. Sadly, some people keep them in very inhumane conditions. The one in this video, Bandit, was bound in a very bad way. His neck was tied in a way that severely restricted his movement. You can see how agitated and distressed he was.

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Thankfully, the people from Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary came to the rescue. When a rescuer met Bandit, he totally melted in his arms. Eventually, Bandit was freed. His reaction was just priceless. He started jumping and frolicking everywhere, celebrating his newfound freedom.

Have you ever seen a bull behave like this before? Seeing him explode with happiness can’t help but bring a smile on your face! No animal deserved to go what he went through. Let’s hope humans take a lesson from this, and treat animals with humanity and love.

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Check out his stunning rescue below:

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