There is someone who always turns out to be different in a group of like-minded individuals. This video shows a lonely goat looking to make friends but all he came across was what seemed to be a pups-only pool party. Snowflake, one of the puppies decided to venture out and have fun with his new friend who envied them from a distance. Pipsqueak the goat comes up with a rough play where they would knock each other’s head but the puppy is not into such kind of a game. Soon, the others decide to join their friend, having fun all over the compound.

Although they have different ways of expressing their excitement, nothing could stop them from running around and spending some good time in the field. Pipsqueak the goat finally managed to win them over after a long time of play. The pups returned to their comfort zones while watching him from a distance. Everything about them is just so cute!

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