You have probably heard about little Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Misa Minnie who took the internet by storm through her exceptional intelligence and crazy tricks. She is the live proof that animals can be trained at home if we use positive reinforcements, our time and a lot of treats. Now her little brother, a French Bulldog Brody Brixton is here to shake the world once again.

Brody Brixton is just 12 weeks old and he has just arrived at his forever home 4 days ago. But within 4 days, he has been able to learn many great tricks that will make your jaw drop once you see it. Brody’s owner has patience and technique needed to teach her little friend to do the tricks that are hard to achieve within such a short period of time.

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Now watch this adorable dog do the tricks in the video below and do share your thoughts with us through the comments.

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