A deer appeared in someone’s yard in a residential area in Texas. The poor thing had something stuck on his horn. As it turns out, the deer just wanted some help.

When the owner of the house realized what was going on, they called the police. Officer Kevin Zieschang responded to the call. He removed the debris from the buck’s horn. And when he was finished, the deer (who was later named Uncle Buck) hung around the yard for a while.

The officer tried to send the buck back to the woods, but the beautiful animal wasn’t really in a hurry. He might have figured out that these people wouldn’t hurt him, so he stayed for a while and returned on his own time.

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When a local media tried to cover the story, Kevin had to go back to the house with a reporter. But halfway through the interview, Uncle Buck came out of nowhere and walked straight to Kevin!

The buck was tame and he wasn’t nervous like his counterparts. But residents feared for his safety, so Uncle Buck was moved to an animal sanctuary nearby.

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