Dogs are amazing pets. For many reasons, the dogs are considered to be man’s best companions. Labradors are types of dogs that are well-known for being clever and happy breeds. They commonly display a class-clown demeanor throughout their whole lives either young or mature. This character of being playful is mostly seen in the puppies, which can decide to keep you entertained, I really mean entertained!

If there is a dog fond of this funny comportment, it’s a 6 month lab Maddie yellow in color and whose owner’s name is Charlie Ogard. In one summer afternoon, Maddie decided that enough is enough for the sun had scorched her, leading her to try to fill her dog pool without help from anyone. She seems to be a smart dog, as she’s very much aware that she has to get the hose pipe into the pool to fill it.

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The funny part is when she is struggling to retain the water in the hose pipe. His owner got the opportunity to film her while still in her struggle. He was certain to comment in the clip that he switched off the hosepipe for the water conservation purposes.

If at this age she is doing this, for how long will Charlie witness funny moments of her performing funny actions!


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