Dog’s Encounter With Jacuzzi Has 20 Million People Laughing-out-loud

    Sometimes in life you just need a good soak in a hot tub. Little did one family realize, their adorable doggo felt the exact same way! Cuzzie the dog recently took a nice soaker in his family’s hot tub. His reaction is pure Internet gold, and we are grateful that his loved ones captured it all on video for millions to see.

    Cuzzie is way too cute, but Cuzzie in a hot tub is epic. The dog is humming, grumbling, and emitting pure sounds of joy and relief. Is it the sensation of the water jets pulsating on his puppy spine? Maybe it’s the feeling of the bubbles surrounding his paws and chest.

    Whatever this pooch feels, this must be what doggy euphoria looks like. As you watch the video, Cuzzie even moves to the side a bit, perhaps to find the perfect spot. This cutie pie is an inspiration to us all. Bask in the moment and live life to the fullest.

    We double dog dare you not to laugh at his hysterical reaction in the video below.

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