Ideally, all animals should live in their natural habitat and carry on with their lives. Some animals are taken into zoos, where people can see them up close. Holding animals in captivity isn’t the best thing to do. For instance, there are so many cases of such animals being abused in zoos. They aren’t given enough space to roam or aren’t even fed properly. News of such zoos emerge from all around the world and that is just wrong.

Captivity can be made a little better for the animals. This can be done by providing them spaces that replicate their natural habitat, which doesn’t affect their natural behavior in any way. Enriching their environments to offer them mental stimulation is a good way to keep them happy, as too much boredom can lead them to display some negative behavior.

This clip from Dallas Zoo shows how captivity should be done. It shows a gorilla named Zola. The zoo knows how important it is to enrich the environment of the animals being held in captivity. Therefore, they provided Zola with her very own tub of water to splash around in!

“Enrichment helps enhance the environment and lives of animals, like Zola, by providing them with mental and physical stimulation to increase natural behaviors. Enrichment can take many forms, but for this spunky great ape, it means playing and spinning in his favorite blue pool!”, said the staff from the zoo.

To say Zola was happy with the arrangement would be an understatement. She was totally over the moon, and danced her heart out like nobody was watching! Seeing her so excited can’t help but make you smile!

Check out her amazing moment below:

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