Dog Loves The Vet But Refuses To Leave, Has The Internet In Stitches

    Georgia The Bernese Mountain Dog Loves Going To The Vet, So Much That She Refuses To Leave

    Some dogs hate going to the vet. They run, hide, and cry the entire way there. But not Georgia! This Bernese Mountain Dog loves her visits to the vet so much that she refuses to leave!

    Watch this video as Georgia stands her ground. She seems to be ignoring everyone who’s asking her to leave, even her human dad! She just lies there in the doorway all stubborn and cute. The vet staff thinks it’s funny, and I assume they are touched by Georgia’s loving display of affection for them.

    When they finally get her moving, she passes by the reception desk and stops again. Her silent protest for leaving is super adorable. It’s also amazing how she communicates exactly how she feels. Eventually, though, Dad has to step in and carry her to the car himself!

    It goes to show you, sometimes you just can’t possibly understand the depths of a dog’s heart. How does your dog stand their ground when they don’t want to leave a place they like?

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