We love pets because they keep us company and they do entertain us. But even if they are good animals, they can’t stop being mischievous on some things. Surely many videos have been shot of these pets doing something silly, but not like this parrot in the video below. In the clip, we see a parrot who is surely vexed up, and wants his owners to get it right that he is not in the moods.

During the afternoons, this parrot by the name of Eric is used to go for a walk just to relax himself. As you can’t predict the weather changes and have to stay indoors, the same happened to Eric. He had been waiting for the afternoon to have the walk but unfortunately it started to rain, meaning no walk for him. He got so angry and decided to put the blame on his owners. To demonstrate that he is vexed, he got on the shelf and opened the money tin and started removing the coins and throwing them down, one by one.

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Upon realizing, the owners pleaded him to stop but he never did so. They went ahead to threaten him of the scary fish and that they would put it on the shelf. On hearing that, Eric stopped for a while and continued. They had to pick the lid and close it for the silly bird to stop.

Watch the clip below :

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