This story made my heart burst! Although it’s incredibly sad, it also carries an important message. If you know anyone who does not believe that animals have feelings – please share this story with them. It may help change their mind.

A spaniel has been found dumped on a roadside with her head resting on a plastic fish and chip bag full of her dead puppies.

The dog, who appeared to have ‘tears in her eyes’, was seen licking the dead creatures to try and gently nuzzle them awake on the roadside in Midville, Lincolnshire

The mother and her pups were found by cyclist Paul Skinner, who described the scene as ‘heartbreaking’ and said the dog appeared to be weeping over her loss.

‘I was out cycling with my friend at the time,’ said the 58-year-old Tory councillor for Boston Borough Council. ‘We spotted on the verge something that looked like a dead bird, but as we passed it it moved.

The incident, which took place in Lincolnshire, England, certainly proves that animals can feel just as strongly about their loved ones as we humans can.

Eventually Paul leaned over the bag to see what was inside.

“The bag contained four dead pups. It was heartbreaking. She had tears in her eyes. I could not believe anybody could be so devoid of humanity to do something like this,” Paul told the English Metro. ‘The dog was on its own, sitting licking the contents of a fish and chips carrier bag.

Paul contacted both the police who were soon in touch with animal welfare groups and a local shelter. When they arrived on scene, they picked up the mother and tried to revive the pups. But it was too late.

The vet who examined the dog family believes that the puppies had been born the same day and had been alive. Perhaps they were even alive when placed in the bag and dumped in the ditch surgeons with the mother.

“We don’t know whether the puppies were stillborn or whether they died because of the cold,” the police said, adding: “We would like to thank the cyclist who found the dog and raised the alarm.”

‘Sometimes a puppy can give the appearance of being dead, but can be revived if you can warm them up. Their mother was staying with them, come what may. It was a very sad scene.’

A microchip was found but could only be traced back to the original breeder.

The mother dog was given the name Carly and will now be taken care of in a dog home – where she will never be mistreated!

‘We are appealing to anyone who might know more about how Carly came to be abandoned in this way or where she has come from.

‘We want to hear from anyone who recognises Carly or the fish and chip shop bag the puppies were in, it is quite distinctive.

‘All of the information we receive we treat in the strictest of confidence and we would encourage anyone who might know anything to please come forward.’

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 or the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.

I’m glad that Carly could be saved, but really wish that the puppies had survived too. The mother dog refused to leave them, even though they were no longer alive. Her strong reaction really shows that a mother dog’s love is just as big as a human’s.

I really hope Carly has a long and happy life, and perhaps new puppies in the future! SHARE AWAY!


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