What do you expect your dog to do when you leave him alone in the house? One owner was more than shocked when he came home from work and found his white puppy with a different color.

It is a normal thing for a dog to jump on the couch and start tearing the cushions or the pillows that are on the bed. The most common thing that they do is to tear apart new shoes, which is a pain in the ass for the owners. But surprising enough, this pup in the clip below is unique in that he never messes up with shoes or pillows.

Instead of messing with other things, he made a discovery how he would spend his time adequately while waiting for his owner to come back from work. Just like the little children this pup found out that he would do some painting, but the problem was to locate where the paints were stored. He started from the kitchen by opening cupboards and luckily enough, he came across some green food dye that would as well work like a paint.

He made sure he painted the house and finally painting himself waiting to be praised of his excellent art.

But when his owner came back, he expected to earn some praises from the painting he had done but he ended up becoming confused when that did not happen and the face of his owner becoming mean. This made him play the innocent one, but he could not manage as he was colored all over his white fur a sign that he was the verdict.

Watch the interesting clip below:

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