You may think he’s an ordinary horse, now wait until he turns his head around..

There’s a certain cool breed of horses that came out of the Netherlands, and it’s making waves across the world.

The fact that Friesian horses came to the brink of extinction thrice in history hasn’t stopped this lovely breed from existing, and now one of their males is making things even more interesting.

You see, Fredrik the Great is a beautiful and energetic stallion in his own right, and you can clearly see it in this good video right here. His breeder, Stacy Nazario, remembers Fredrik’s gentleness and affection towards her when she broke her leg some time ago. This is truly a special horse.

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This good stallion has attracted worldwide attention ever since the video was put online in 2012, and his popularity continues to grow. He lives in the US. In the clip here, you can see this adorable creature as he flaunts his beauty around, and you’ll agree that this horse is truly gifted. That’s one reason he’s been chosen to breed and keep his species from extinction.

Watch the video below :

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