Judy Obregon, who runs a rescue organization called The Abandoned Ones, spends her days driving down deserted Texas roads in search of abandoned dogs.

She immediately stopped to help the puppy, who cried and limped toward Obregon. It was obvious she was so relieved to finally be noticed. She laid her face on Obregon’s shoulder, and for the first time, she was safe. The puppy thanked her, giving her a few kisses on the cheek.

Obregon noticed something tied tightly around her neck. It was a shoelace. Obregon believes that the dog had broken free.

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Despite her release, the dog still remained in the same place, waiting for someone to return to her. But nobody did. If it had not been for Obregon, this poor dog could have died in the same place where a cruel person abandoned him.

Obregon decided to name Callie’s six-month-old dog and took her to the vet for an examination. Unfortunately, it was not microchipped.

They gave her food and water, and although she was starving, Callie was healthy.

Temporary home

Callie went to live in a temporary home while waiting for an eternal home. She was already smiling and her behavior had changed a lot. Her sweet personality came and she was so loving and forgiving.

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Eternal home

Callie left her past behind and decided to trust the humans, despite everything she had gone through. Soon, she found her home forever with a gentleman who will pamper her for the rest of her days! She finally gets to sleep in a real bed and has lots of toys to play with!


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