This is an inspirational story that comes from the bravest kitten you’ll get to meet and it teaches us how we should try to adapt to any situation we are faced with, and how life can be beautiful besides our flaws.

Feeding the stray cats was how a typical morning of Mareen looked like. She befriended all of them and although they were living on the streets they were all ‘her’ cats that she took great care of. One morning, as the clowder of cats were waiting for their treat, she spotted unfamiliar face. Mareen got a lump in her throat as she realized the poor kitten was missing her back legs.

She immediately got the urge to take it in her hands and give it a big hug, but the kitten was way to scared to let the woman touch it, so it quickly ran away. It took Mareene time and patience to make the cat trust her. Considering he’s condition, Rocket was very fast, and that’s how he got his name.

Mareen grew so fond of the kitten that she decided to take him in.

It’s amazing how Rocket can do what every other cat can without difficulties. He is indeed brave and a true warrior that won’t let anything stand on its way to a happy and a healthy life. His life story touched the hearts of many. One person says, “It’s amazing how Rocket get’s around. He knows he’s a normal cat and has no boundaries. It’s truly amazing how animals cope with things that we have hard time understanding. God bless Rocket and his forever home.”

Thanks to his human friend, Rocket’s life is now filled with fun, excitement, and lots of love.

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