So many of us love animals but when we meet an animal, especially one that is bigger than us, there is a certain way you should behave.

Usually you should approach the animal calmly or take a step back and let the animal approach you. There has to be a mutual respect between humans and animal.

It’s all common sense really but when you’re a child and you see a large animal, excitement (or fear) often takes over. Often it’s the case that animals can sense that a child poses no threat to them and can be more patient with them.

Children are naturally curious, they love to explore new things. This was just the case with this toddler who saw a stable and immediately had to go inside and find out more.

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This cute little toddler, who can’t be more than 2 years old, sees the horses in the stable and just has to say hello.

She does it in the most gentle way, putting her face up to them and being still. The horses’ reactions are just priceless, putting their face up to hers and being so gentle with her.

The horses look curiously at the girl, and let her pat them gently on her nose. She even gets a little kiss here and there.

Watch her in action below :

So cute…. the horses are so gentle with her!

I love the way the horses react to her, such a great thing to see. ‘

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