So you’ve spent time with cats, and dogs too. Now, what if someone was to ask you to make a simple decision about the two species? I mean, what if someone wanted to know which of the two species is smarter? Well, this guy took it upon himself to decide, and he’s doing it in the most hilarious manner ever!

When Ellen invited Jay Leno on The Ellen Show, the two got into a conversation about cats and dogs. Jay opined that felines are clearly smarter than their canine counterparts, and Ellen, being a fair judge, wanted some evidence to back up Jay’s argument. What we get next is something that’s made so many people lose their breaths!

To make his argument count, Jay came with a video of a cat showcasing their smartness. In the clip, the cat is confronted with a little problem. A red ball lies in a pile of leaves, and his job is to pick up the ball, and only the ball!

Watch the clip here to see the results.

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