The full-circle story of Penny and Lucy shows how we never stop loving our pets, even when we face the biggest obstacles of our lives. And while no one ever wants to give up our pets, our deepest hope is that they can find another loving home.

The Pongo Fund, an Oregon charity that fights pet hunger, shared the story on June 4 via a Facebook post. You should read the whole thing. It’s quite touching.

Cats Penny and Lucy, both 12, had been with their owner for 10 years after she adopted them from The Pongo Fund. She certainly didn’t want to leave them, but a doctor had diagnosed her with cancer, the post read. There are things she needs to do in the next year or two—seeing family and friends—so Penny and Lucy needed a new home for their own good.

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“Hard as it was, it was time to let them go,” the post reads. You should read the whole thing. It’s quite touching.

Finding a home for older cats isn’t easy, but The Pongo Fund had “one card to play”: a woman who, 10 years ago, had to give up her two cats after losing her house and marriage. She’d followed the organization since then, even offering to take in cats who needed a safe home.

Sure enough, (did you see this touching twist coming?) she was the one who’d surrendered Penny and Lucy the first time.

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“We called her,” the Facebook post reads. “Told her we had a cat in need of a home. Two of them, actually. A bonded pair. We shared a bit more information. She didn’t have a clue. All at once she stopped talking and started sobbing. That’s when she knew.”

The two moms met and hugged a few days after that phone call, bonding over their love of the same pair of cats who loved to share a bed.

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