The story of Justina Strumilaite and her little-adopted kitten has left many puzzled as they showcase a strong bond and the challenges they have all gone through. Brownie, the kitten was adopted in a very poor state from a local rescue. It is so sad that he was born with only two toes on his right paw. Furthermore, Brownie was the smallest kitten out of the litter and it reached a point when he started growing weak. Many thought that he could not survive and if it were not for a strong-hearted person, the kitten would definitely be a history.

Special thanks to Justina, a brave woman who refused to give up on Brownie’s condition. She made it a responsibility to take good care of the kitten by providing him with quality food and all the love he needed. She had a strong belief in the kitten’s inner strength and as days passed by, Brownie started adding weight. He now has the strength to play with his siblings and even fights over food in a friendly way.

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It is funny that he likes giving people ‘kisses’ whenever they carry him and he always responds when called. Justina acted as a symbol of hope to the kitten and gave him the strength to hold on and look beyond this handicapped state. Today, Brownie is fully grown and fluffier than before!

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