As we all know, dogs and parks are like a small kid with toys. A dog can literally live in a park. They love that!

It’s therefore not surprising that a brainy dog would want to try every trick in the books to get their owner to extend their stay at a nice park. It’s exactly what the dog in the video tried!

So here we’ve this guy walking his dog in the park and he’s about to head home, and then we’ve the same dog that doesn’t seem to be really in the mood to head out home yet. However, this canine has to do something to convince the owner to stay on a little longer, so he comes up with a brilliant idea.

What if the dog was dead? Exactly!

You’ll want to watch this video and see just how this canine leaves people roaring in laughter at his trick. He literally plays dead right on the ground. But it’s the ending that’ll really crack you up. This is a must-watch!

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