A cat lived a tough live straying in the streets and lonely corners of Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is known for its numerous stray animals in the streets. That makes it hard for anyone to solve the whole problem at once. In fact, very few people notice the struggles that these innocent souls go through. But this cat’s story is different.

Doctor Halil Akyurek works at a hospital in the city. One day, a cat was “making its rounds” when something happened at the door. A visitor was walking out when he opened the revolving door. When he let it swing around, it happened that the poor little creature was about to walk in. He got his head trapped in the door!

Doctor Halil was stunned by the screams coming from the doorway. He rushed over there, took the lifeless cat to safety and resuscitated it.

From that moment on, the good doctor decided to adopt the lucky creature and named him “Miracle.” What a name!

Watch the video below :

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