Cats are one the most interesting creatures to have at home. In most places, people who know the value of cats in dealing with rats will keep them around just for that. Mice just fear the meowing of cats. It keeps them away from your home and your stuff. While that is not why other people keep cats at home, cats will have no problem chasing rats out of the house. It keeps them thrilled and happy to see the rats run for safety.

I had a cat once that caught a rat and instead of eating the poor rat, it kept playing with it. Letting it go, but then changing its mind and pouncing on it before it got away. I finally got bored with that and left. When I came back I could not see the rat. I found that quite interesting, even though some people might pity the rat.

In the video below, the owner talks to the cat about something, but what will catch your attention is the way the cat meows back. It is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Please take a moment and watch :

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