Everyone has had a moment in their life when they couldn’t resist the rhythm of their favorite music, and began to dance out of nowhere. That’s exactly what happened to the animal we’ll see next… when the horse heard his favorite song, he started jumping to the beat. Despite being on duty, he just couldn’t contain his moves.

Officer Jones has a very special horse named Ace, and the two are very respected in New Orleans. Ace and his police friend always know how to rule the streets. But, sometimes, after a long and difficult day at work, all the horse wants is to dance!

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The horses and officers are highly trained and, as a result of spending much time together, this pair has developed a close bond. But when they patrolled the streets in their usual rounds, Ace did something that surprised everyone… even Jones.

A group of men who crossed their path were dancing and singing. Then, the animal got very excited and thought it was time to finish work and have fun. He danced like a happy little pony, making very cute moves!

When the stunned group of men saw what Ace was doing, they decided to join and dance with the horse! The pet spins, jumps and shakes his butt… nobody can surpass his dance. What a beautiful and funny animal.

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The horse heard the song and couldn’t resist. Watch the lovely scene below…

How cute, don’t you think? We all deserve a break from work, and Ace is no exception. Share the unusual and adorable moment with your friends and family.


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