We’re sure that the video below is the sweetest thing you’re going to see today. But first, you have to proceed with cautious as this will absolutely melt your heart.

Two dogs went on boat trip with their humans, when an unusual encounter between them and a member of the ocean occured. A friendly dolphin spots the dogs and decides to get closer. The dogs too seem to be curious and excited about the lovely sea creature. That’s when something magical happened. One of the dogs, obviously the luckier one on the boat, got a kiss from the new friend.

The dolphin then gets back into the water, but returns with an incredible move that leaves the canines looking at him in awe.

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This scene is a part of the award-winning IMAX classic that depicts the life of the dolphins in their natural habitat. “Dolphins” is a movie by MacGillivray Freeman Films, founders of the One World, One Ocean Campaign. If you want to learn more about these amazing creatures and how to preserve the oceans and keep them clean, visit their website

Watch the beautiful encounter between these two different animals in the video below:

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