Wonder why this pit bull looks so folded? Meet Landis. He just stepped outside the cage he lived in for two years.

Welcome to the tale of how terrible we humans really are. Second Chance Rescue, Georgia found Landis in a very small cage and one that was the most terrifying than anything they had ever seen. Even after such inhumane level of neglect… or perhaps voluntary torture, Landis did not give up. It was just a reel full of hell for Landis since he ever opened his eyes.

The rescuers rushed him to the doctors and made an unbreakable vow to give Landis everything on earth to get him back on paws. Landis is now at the Georgia Shelter, with the best healing that love can make and the best medicines that money can buy. And boy, do the volunteers love him ?

So they made ‘Project Landis‘ on their Facebook page, documenting the tiny bit of magical Recovery that Landis had every day. Well, Landis had jumping plans for the first day and now that the treatments are over, Landis is finally looking a little happy.

This dog has suffered cruelty that we do not even have nightmares about. Can you imagine growing up in a tiny cage till you are 20? Well, Landis did … and braver than anyone ever could.

All he needed was a teensy tiny speck of love, and Lucky Landis hit the jackpot of love machines ?

Because the volunteers not only loved him, but also helped him to stand straight on his front paws and raise his head … a pride that he never knew before.

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