Unusual relationships between two different species are not just about struggling for survival.

Amazing animals sometimes form such kinds of bonds to prove that love, friendship, and affection have no boundaries.

People will never stop wondering at any time encounter such unusual bonds between two different animals, Herman and Lundy.

Herman is a pigeon who is not able to fly and Lundy is a baby chihuahua who can’t walk, and their wonderful relationship stole everyone’s hearts.

They met at the Mia Foundation, which is a rehabilitation center for animals with defects.

Herman, who was saved by a wildlife rescuer, is a resident at The Mia Foundation.

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He was found in a car park. The poor creature could neither fly nor move. He struggled for his life and survival, but couldn’t fly anymore.

Lundy appeared at the same center when he was only four-week-old. A breeder from South Carolina refused him, as he had defect:

he was unable to walk. He was taken to the same shelter and, soon, found their love and comfort.

When Herman and Lundy’s first time met each other, no one from the shelter could imagine that they will become good friends.

The workers took Herman out of his playpen and put him in the chihuahua’s bed.

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Surprisingly, they quickly get along with each other, even more, became inseparable friends. It was love from first sight.

The workers took some pictures and shared them on their social media pages.
So many people expressed their admiration, so this wonderful duo become famous.

The followers even donated more than $6,000 to the rehabilitation center.

Watch a heart-touching video below!

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