Baby Elephant Throws Temper Tantrum Like Human Child, Gets Royally Ignored By The Adults

    If you thought only human children were capable of throwing fits, think again. Apparently, baby elephants have mastered the art of throwing fits as well. And it is adorable!

    As seen in the video below, a baby elephant crosses a dirt road and reaches a patch of grass. That’s when he decides he’s not getting enough attention from the adult elephants and decides to tumble into the grass.

    It’s adorable watching the little elephant roll around and sit on his hind legs just like a kid would. His tantrum is ignored by the first adult elephant who walks by, so he decides to kick it up a notch and falls over on the dirt road, acting like he can’t get up.

    When a second adult elephant also ignores him and keeps walking. He gets the message that his tantrums won’t be acknowledged today. His attention-seeking plans having failed, the baby elephant jumps back on his feet and springs on the grass to rejoin his group. How cute!

    Click the video below to watch this adorable little elephant’s failed tantrum attempt.

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