As a dog owner, Brittney Speck loves her domestic canine. So when she was awoken by her dog’s barking on one night, she had to go out to check on the situation. She never expected to open the door and find herself staring at a big group of police cars with her dog at the center. She freaked out just as one of the officers shouted for her to get back inside!

She found a vantage point at her back window from where she could get a good view of the situation while still in the house. What she saw freaked her out even more. A Dark figure emerged from the darkness, crouching and preying on her dog. It was a huge Bengal tiger about to pounce on Journey the dog. Speck grabbed the phone and dialed 911 ASAP!

Turns out, the cops had been waiting for the Animal Control officers to show up, but when the tiger attacked the dog, they knew they couldn’t wait much longer. They shot and killed the wild animal. They saved the dog.

Watch the video for the full story!

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