I don’t know about you, but I really despise people who think mistreating animals is cool. I mean, how would you feel if you were to switch places and you were the one getting bashed and locked up for years? It’s not funny!

That’s why you’ll understand just what this innocent pony went through. Named Poly, this little creature had the worst owner ever. Not only did the woman lock Poly up for much of her life, she also neglected her. Poly had her hair grow into a bush; her nails became so long that they started hurting. She couldn’t walk anymore. She was in constant pain and misery. Who does that to such a cute animal?!

After a whole 10 years, the owner decided to surrender Poly and let her get some help. Animal rescuers were quick enough to come to Poly’s aid. They cut her nails and trimmed her hair to cute perfection. She got transformed into the most beautiful pony ever. She loved enjoying the free breeze of the open air outside and walking on the soft grass for the first time in her life!

Watch the video below :

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