If you’re a pet owner, you probably know the feeling when you can’t find them. Dogs tend to sneak away every chance they get and it’s the same for cats too. They love to explore new things so the chances of them slipping out are real.

Kristin Leigh Rhynehart understands this feeling well. The Raleigh family lives in a comfortable home with their beloved rescue dog named Raven.

Raven was adopted from a shelter over a decade ago, and his family is grateful for making this decision each and every day. Raven brings joy and optimism to the family with his loyalty and affection. But despite their routine life together, Raven still has a few surprises up his sleeve.

Kristin was doing tasks around her home one day when she suddenly realized that Raven was missing. Despite checking the most frequented spots of the home, such as the family room, the kitchen, and other areas that Raven enjoyed, he was nowhere to bed found. Panic quickly set in as Kristin believed Raven had run away from home. Did she leave Raven in the yard unattended? Or did Raven sneak out when no one was looking?

Even after checking the yard, the mysterious dog still didn’t turn up. All of this went down while Kristin’s young toddler, Addison, was taking a nap. And despite not wanting to wake her, it was the only spot left to check for Raven, so Kristin ventured into her daughter’s room.

Kristin could have never expected the adorable surprise she was about to witness. Addison was sleeping in her crib comfortably, but she wasn’t alone. Raven was happily tucked in with the young girl, fast asleep and dreaming peacefully under the covers. Thankfully, Kristin recorded the cute scene so that she could share with others on Facebook. Although she originally only expected her friends and family to see, the video now has more than 9.8 million views!

You can see the cute duo sleeping in the video below. Have you ever caught your pet sleeping in an unexpected place?

Others are marveling at the adorable sight, and it’s no surprise after you see the video for yourself. Kristin felt more thankful than ever to have adopted such a loving dog.


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