Interactions with baby animals are always wonderful. However, rarely does anyone get chances to have such wonderful interaction these days. The man in the video planned to take some time off and relax on his backyard when an adorable critter stopped to say him, “Hello”.

Surprised by the sudden visit of the tiny squirrel at first, the man later found out that the poor creature had lost its mom and was in need of immediate help. Luckily, the man appeared in his backyard at the right time. The man however doesn’t seem to know how to take care of the little baby squirrel as he mentions in the video that he doesn’t really know how to care of the little baby. But there’s no need to worry as he also assures that he’ll be looking out for the ways online.

It was so sad to see the baby creature without his mother but I am really thankful to God that the baby creature got to meet the man at the right time.

Watch this adorable video:


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