The bond between humans and animals can be extremely strong. Now imagine what it’s like for the brave men and women serving our country and who are out on deployment. Being away from home for sometimes months at a time, even years is certainly trying.

So it’s no wonder that our servicemen and women tend to get very close to their beloved military dogs, there to loyally assist them day and night.

It’s clear however that such dogs are more than just amazing heroes facing dangerous situations like their human counterparts — they are also wonderful companions in what is certainly almost always a difficult time for military personnel.

The story of dog Django and his handler Sheldon Holland highlights just how deep a bond can form during this time. The two served together in Afghanistan.

Django and Sheldon were inseparable. The friends did everything together and soon shared a deep bond and friendship. But as fate had it, the two would become separated when Sheldon was deployed to finish work with an American K9 unit.

The Reunion

Before their separation, Sheldon made himself and Django a promise: that they would one day be together — forever. Two long years later, that day finally came…

Watch the moving reunion below — it brought tears to my eyes!

What an absolutely moving reunion! I am so glad these two got what they always wanted: to be together again. Share if Django and Sheldon’s deep bond and wonderful reunion touched you, too.


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