Dogs can really be quirky and goofy in ways we can’t even imagine. Some have a funny sleeping style, while others like confusing themselves with curtains. However, Khaleesi, the bull dog’s quirk lies in scary movies.

Apparently, Khaleesi has en sense of character, which is why, she can easily recognize the villain and do everything in her power to protect the protagonist, although she can do nothing but bark!

Khaleesi’s parents noticed this ability of her when she was a tiny puppy and they play horror movies for her often. The video below is just one of those times she was watching a movie and wanted to protect the people in it from the villain. As the attacker approaches the children, she starts barking like crazy, as though to scare the dreadful ghost away!

It’s a hilarious sight to watch, but it is also amazing how she could easily recognize the danger.

Watch the amusing video for yourself:


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