The current California wildfires have caused havoc by displacing people, animals, and property loss. The horrific blazes have displaced the animals from their natural habitats and killed some of them. Over 200,000 people have left their homes.

The images from the horrific blazes are terrifying and look like something from a horror movie. There have been several stories, but one of them stands out.

On the Ventura County highway close to the Conchita, a heroic rescue story worth sharing was witnessed. One man risked his life to save an innocent rabbit. The man saw the rabbit running into the fire and knew it would perish in the flames. Without any second thoughts, he jumped out of the car and ran toward the burning bush.

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The scared rabbit around frantically as the man tried to catch up to it. He managed to catch the rabbit and bring it to safety.

The man took the wild bunny away from danger.   Were it not for the brave man, the poor rabbit would be dead! The eyewitnesses applaud the man for his heroic and selfless act. The man declined an on-camera interview and we might never get to see the face of the Good Samaritan.

Watch the footage below.

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