Many times life hits is when we less expect it. We are never expecting anything bad things to happen to us, but the truth is that bad things happen to us as well. This does not mean that we should live in fear, but that we should live more intensely.

Wagner Lima had a tragic end of life, eventually dying in a motorcycle accident on New Year’s Day. This whole horrible scene happened in Brazil. The 34-year-old always liked to spend some time riding a motorcycle, but most of the day he spent with his horse, Sereno.

In fact, Wagner and Sereno were best friends.

Wagner’s brother insisted that Sereno should accompany his family so he could say goodbye to his best friend. The horse belonged next to the human who loved him that much. He also had the right to say goodbye!

Then, as he approached the coffin, Sereno smelled the scent of his best friend and that’s when he realized that he would never see him again.

“The horse was everything to him,” said the brother, “and during the funeral, he understood what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.”

The footage is very touching:

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