It is a well- known fact that horses are naturally calm, gentle and wise too. These majestic animals have a lot of charm and elegance and are very affectionate towards their herd. The video below is proof of their affection. In the clip, it is explained how a stallion saved a young horse from drowning, even though they were complete strangers!

The incident concerned happened in the bank of Salt River in Arizona National forest. Champ, a wild stallion was grazing at the bank with his family when another group of wild horses reached the opposite bank. A few horses then began to cross the river. One of them was Filly.

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As Filly was crossing the river, the current of the flowing river unluckily pushed her to be swept downstream. She would definitely be drowned, had Champ, the wise old stallion not stepped up. Noticing the urgency of the situation, Champ immediately reached Filly and grabbed Filly tightly by the side of his neck. Then he slowly helped her reach her band. The most beautiful thing about this is, he didn’t let go of her until he was assured she was safe. How thoughtful!

Watch the video below about the story:

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