All that a mother would want for their kid is to learn everything they need to know about the world from a tender age. The learning process usually involves a lot of patience and no one knows how the little ones would react to simple pieces of training. This video shows a bulldog mother who enjoys seeing her baby taking his first steps. The cute bulldog puppy keeps on throwing tantrums at mummy’s head and it’s so amazing seeing him experiencing life for the first time.

Although kids feel happy when you do things according to how they want them to be but what if the parent does it their own way? Just a little pat on his headsets him barking fiercely at his mother and the owner would beg him severally to stop that. We can see the female bulldog trying to calm him down as she understands that her puppy needs some time to learn and accept the new ways of life. No one can describe the love this mother bulldog has for his puppy as the two show their tight bond in the most adorable temper tantrum.

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You wouldn’t stop smiling after watching this video.

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