In a fearless rescue, a dog fought a leopard, in India. The leopard intended to attack a helpless puppy. However, the wild animal did not realize that the canine mother wouldn’t let her pup go without a fight.

A variety of wildlife runs through the mountains of India, including lions, tigers and leopards. So sometimes they descend into the residential areas. Near a forestry office in Himachal Pradesh state, one of the officials heard a noise outside.

Upon further investigation, he noticed a dog taking care of her little puppy, which appeared to have some cuts and scrapes.

Curious, the man decided to watch the surveillance images … The puppy was walking quietly, until the leopard came out of the darkness. Like a flash of lightning, the mother steps in and pulls the leopard away with all her might.

Leopard Attacks Puppy

Check out the scary moment in the video below:

A heroic moment, which saved the life of an innocent pup… Mother’s love overcomes all barriers and this story proves it. Share if you agree!


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