If it happens one day and you got surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves, then the only and the last thing you do is kiss your life goodbye. We hope that none of us will have to experience such a nightmare, but our animal friends aren’t that lucky since they live in the same environment as these wolves. Mother nature is this mean but everything is a part of life’s circle. Whenever I watch a documentary about the wildlife, I always find myself rooting for the animal being chased by a predator. In the video below, the poor animal is a gorgeous horse, but wait till you see what’s actually about to happen…

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In the middle of extreme winter, this beautiful horse was looking for food to survive in the tough wilderness. Moments later,  a pack of small Italian wolves approached him. The wolves themselves were surprised by this large catch and have no idea how to deal with it.. They’re were used to catch small deer but this one was an unexpected but irresistible one. Now, what the big fella was about to do is something that caught many by surprise. Instead of running away, the brave horse firmly stood his ground like he was the alpha dog in that pack. As the pack locked eyes with the horse, the horse made an unforgettable move.

This is one of the rarest sights, there aren’t any directors, but the scene is both spontaneous and spectacular! The ending will absolutely leave you floored and wanting to watch more. Take a peek at the video for yourself to see nature at its absolute best.. and it’s funniest!

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