When you’re out and about, you never know what you might come across. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction, and it comes at you when you least expect it. The fishermen in this story were just out trying to catch some fish, when they ended up with something out of the ordinary.

These men were on a boat. As they were going down the river, they spotted something swimming towards their boat. As they went closer, they couldn’t believe their eyes!

A kitten was swimming towards the boat. Even in the middle of nowhere, the kitten showed up and then swam for his life. The fishermen had no idea how the kitten got there. Soon after they rescued one, another one showed up and gave them a surprise!

They are not sure how the kittens ended up in such a place. Perhaps they were abandoned there by someone heartless. Despite their circumstances, these brave kittens refused to give up. Thankfully, the fishermen stumbled across them on time.

Check out this amazing rescue below:

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