Although cows are known to be very useful to us when it comes to providing us with their milk and meat, we tend to look down at them. People always comment that these domestic animals are slower as compared to the other animals.

Even though this may be true, some of the cows are putting efforts to see that this reputation ends. In the following clip, you will witness some of the tricks these cows are using.

Before having the opportunity of looking at the clip, I never had an idea that cows would be fans of pop music! Thanks to this farmer by the mane of Derek, I am now fully aware of the endless surprises these animals can shower us with.

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Derek, as he is known on social media, is a farmer who plants grains and keeps cows. From the outlook of things, he loves his work which seems to be providing him with fun. Apart from being a farmer, he is a part time musician and his fans [the cows] seem to love when he plays the trombone. Once they hear the tones of his trombone, the cows never hesitate to go where he is.

In the clip below, we see as he plays the “Royals” a tune by Lorde, and his herd of cattle never stop to enjoy it:

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