As whimsical as the winter wonderland can be, it can also be full of some dangerous challenges. Slipping on the ice, roads being blocked and the cold. Because of this, we all need to be extra vigilant in the winter months.

A red deer found itself in a life-threatening situation when it fell into a frozen river in Siberia. Thankfully, some local hunters spotted the creature struggling in the ice cold water.

Now, it might seem out of the ordinary to hear about hunters helping to rehabilitate and release an animal to the wild. But hunters don’t just want to hunt animals to be cruel. They are still humans with good hearts.

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The red deer was found floating in the frozen river Barguzin near Ulan-Ude in eastern Siberia, Russia. The four men worked tirelessly to cut a path out of the ice to pull the deer out of the river. The whole rescue took more than four hours in freezing temperatures.

The freezing deer had got stuck in an icy lake

Aleksej Baluev, who filmed the encounter, can be heard saying “We need to get it away from the cold”. At that moment, the rescue team began to rub the animal to try and restore circulation into the freezing deer. They knew they had to keep the freezing deer warm before they could get it out of the water and warm it in front of the fire.


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They eventually managed to get the deer out of the water and they took it to the local garage to dry and warm the freezing deer. The rescuers fed the animal a piece of lard and 150 grams of vodka to “warm it up from the inside”.

Finally, the team had allowed the animal to recover enough to get back on its feet. They took it to the edge of the forest and the majestic creature ran off back into the wilderness. We’re just so glad these brave volunteers were there to help.

Don’t forget to watch the amazing rescue of this freezing deer in the video below.

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