We cannot control the winter or cold weather but we can do everything possible to keep warm during this season. It is so sad when you see a dog shivering in the cold with no shelter and no one to take care of them. Do they feel sad too? This video shows a dog that would do anything to save her sister despite the cold and risk of run over by a train! It happened that the female dog got stuck in between the rails and couldn’t do anything to get out of this mess. Who knew how tight their bond was as the brother never left by her side all this time.

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The footage shows a moving train running over the two dogs as the brother dog shelters the sister from being hit by the train. But why couldn’t the camera guy save the dogs? Couldn’t he see the danger that the two had to go through? Of course, he saw that, but do you know why he couldn’t come any closer? The male dog was fiercely protecting his sister and wouldn’t let anyone get to them without a fight. It really took the volunteers some time to convince the male dog that they meant no harm but all they wanted was to help.

Dog Saves His Sister From Being Run Over By A Train

This dog was stuck on the tracks — but her brother saved her life every time a train came by.

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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