A married couple were walking when they suddenly hear constant barking of a dog. The couple decided to investigate more and follow the bark. They got to a property which was surrounded with a barbed wire fence.

To the couple’s shock, they saw a doe, whose foot was badly stuck with the barbed wire and she was lying on the ground, as though giving up on hope to ever be free. She was grunting and crying in pain and occasionally attempting to set herself free.

Then, the couple contacted the homeowners for some help, who didn’t know what to do as well. So they asked for a tin snip from them, with the help of which, the husband started snipping the wire in which the doe’s leg was strangled.

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Luckily, the doe too, realized that the man was trying to help her and remained calm without causing any disturbance as the man cut the wires to set her free. Finally, after actually being free, the scared doe ran off to the wild and the couple were happy to have helped a helpless being.

Watch the incredible rescue of the doe in the video below:

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