A deer came out of nowhere and showed up at a neighborhood and now everyone is in love with him. It’s Uncle Buck!

This deer appeared to have some debris stuck in his horns, and he needed help. To the surprise of many, Uncle Buck walked into someone’s yard and tried to notify people of his “horn problem.” The residents called 911 and Officer Kevin Zieschang showed up. They caught the creature and got the debris off his horn. With that, Uncle Buck was good to go. He hung around for a while and then disappeared into the woods. Days later, something cooler happened!

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Officer Kevin is getting interviewed by a reporter about the deer, and half-way into it, Uncle Buck shows up and walks right into the scene and up to Kevin. He remembers him as his new friend who helped him with the “horn problem.” He’s so cool and friendly!

Watch the awesome clip here and feel the emotion. Good to know that people loved Uncle Buck so much that they sought for him to be moved to an animal sanctuary. Wow!

Watch the full story in the video below:

How sweet of Uncle Buck for remembering his rescuer! So glad the deer is safe and happy in his new home.

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