Cockatoos are wonderful birds in general. They are beautiful to look at, and for bird lovers, they give the best company. They can be really affectionate with their owners, and when they like somebody, they make sure to let them know it. Every cockatoo has his own unique personality, and it can be a treat to watch them show it off. But not all cockatoos are sweetness and light.

For instance, the one in this story is a little nightmare with feathers!
Pebble is a beautiful cockatoo. Her beautifully pink tinted plumage is a sight for sore eyes. But she’s not always as angelic as she appears. She is quite vocal about her feelings, which is a really nice thing indeed. But when she’s angry, she makes sure everyone knows about it!

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Her dad had told her to go into her cage. Most animals don’t like being bound within cages, so it is natural for Pebble to feel a little ticked off. But she took it to a whole other level! She kept swearing at her dad, making it really clear that she didn’t like the prospect of going into her cage. She flapped her wings and puffed up her crest to look more intimidating, but the most shocking bit was her cursing like a sailor!

I can’t imagine where she picked up such language from, but she had quite a command over it indeed! Let’s hope she cleans up her language soon.

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Check out this sassy bird in action:

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