Reddit user _GoldGuy_ stirred things up when he uploaded pictures of his cat being friends with a chipmunk. It turned out cats are lovable even in the animal world. The brave little chipmunk must have adored the beauty of the feline, so he tried his luck and approach the cat. The meeting went fine.

_GoldGuy_ started a thread: “My cat made friends with a chipmunk,” and followed it with pictures and story of the wonderful encounter. The chipmunk was alerted at first, but after seeing the cat lay down, he felt safe enough to approach it. They became friends quickly, as the chipmunk is seen on the cat’s back and start cuddling the furry feline.

Scroll down for adorable pictures of the two friends!

This little guy tried to make friend with the cat in this Redditor’s backyard.

The cat lay down to ensure there’s no danger to the chipmunk.

They both know the other is trust-able.

And thus…

… a new friendship was born.

They are so cute together!


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